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Aug 05
Why Should You Go To College?

Going to college can open doors for you that you never knew were available before. There are many reasons besides a degree that someone should go to college. First, the main reason anyone goes to college is to get a degree. Getting a degree can pay off in the long run because you can make more money at a job with a degree. However, this is not always the case depending on the degree that you go after. Doing the research to see just how much your degree can make you and how much college will cost is a big deal when deciding if you should go to college, trade school, or none of the above. 

Next, when people go to college, they often find they have much greater job security. This is when it is harder for someone to be unemployed. Often just having any college degree can land you a job over someone who does not have one. This is true even if the degree is outside the field you are working in. If you earn a master's degree, your job security is even better. Not only is your job security better, but you are on a path of making a career. This is when you get an entry-level position at a job and work your way up to higher status and pay. This can result in a lot of wealth being built. 

Next, people with a college degree usually have better-living situations and are not as often in poverty. People with only a high school degree are the biggest group in poverty. Just under 5% of people with a degree live in poverty. 

Finally, college is great for building a larger social and professional network. In college, everyone meets some close friends. College is a great place for meeting people from many different cultures and backgrounds which in turn teaches you more about the world you live in. Not only do you learn about others, you learn about yourself from being around a diversity of people. College students are smart people and being around them increases your overall social intelligence. A professional network is also very important to build. When you select a major you take classes with people who also have a passion for your major. When you meet these people, you will go on to possibly work with some of them one day. These people can help you find jobs and opportunities that you may have never found on your own. As can be seen, there is more to college than just a degree. 


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