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Jul 29
How To Get Financial Aid At the University of Kansas

First, one must check if they qualify for FAFSA. You can check the department of education. Some of the qualifications are being a citizen, a high school diploma, enrolled to be a student, not have a conviction for drug possession, and have the correct income after review. One must also maintain a specific GPA to keep this aid. 

Next, you must create an FSA ID before completing your FAFSA for the first time. This is a username and password that allows you to sign in online or through their app. For the most part, they will need social security, license, bank statements, and income records. The website for this application is on student  

Next, you may be wondering how to complete the application process? If you are an independent, you do this on your own but if you are dependent then you must have your parents help you sign the form. A student must complete the FAFSA and then they can click to submit and send it on its way. 

Next, financial information often causes people confusion and fear because it can look intimidating. The IRS data retrieval tool, which can be found under “link to IRS”. This can add a lot of the information you need in a few simple clicks. All you have to do with this is connect to the IRS system and give a few details. You will want to click on “transfer tax information into the FAFSA form” and choose to transfer now. 

Finally, you will have to complete the FAFSA. You will only have to sign and hit complete. For independents, this can be done on your own. IF you are dependent you will need parents to sign this form. You can monitor progress at All in all, this task is not as hard as it seems. 


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