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Picture: Watson-Thompson, Jomella J
  • Watson-Thompson, Jomella J
01/10/2020 1:41 PM

​The links below may be used when guided to complete surveys at designated times by ThrYve staff. Please do not complete or go to these links if not directed to by ThrYve staff. 

(1) Decision Mkg Survey
(2a) KCTC ThrYve Version --ENGLISH
(2b) KCTC ThrYve Version-- SPANISH​
(3) ThrYve Youth Annual Survey
(4) LEAD Up Achiever Survey
(5) ThrYve Clincard Information
(6) ThrYve Youth Intake and Annual Interview

1/10/2020 1:41 PMNoGeneral
1/10/2020 1:41 PM